In 2010, Kristen Bartlett and Jason Gore's dads died within months of each other. Together, they formed The Dead Dads Club--an unstoppable grief-fighting force that is often tough, but occasionally falls apart when "Big Fish" is on HBO. 

This is a sketch show about what it's like to lose a parent and realize that you are going to die, too, and there's nothing you can do about it. (But it's funny. We swear.)

Starring: Kristen Bartlett, Jason Gore, Douglas Widick, Eliza Kingsbury, Liisa Murray, Will Gallagher, Justin Kiernan Byrne, and Boris Khaykin

Directed by and Starring Michael Hartney, Co-directed by Aaron Burdette, Written by Kristen Bartlett, with videos from Joel Russo & Zach Goldbaum.


The Dead Dads Club performed to sold out crowds at UCB Chelsea, UCB Franklin in Los Angeles, and Montreal Sketchfest in 2014-2015.